Khasab Fort, Mussandam, Oman

Interior, Façade and Landscape

Down near the Old Souk in Mussandam, the town’s pretty stone fort was built by the Portuguese in the seventeenth century as part of their efforts to control passing maritime trade. The fort was originally on the seafront, though the waters have since receded a considerable distance, leaving the structure high and dry.

It was important to preserve the cultural feel of a 400 year old fort, so Visual Energy designed custom made fittings and used a local artisan copper-smiths. It was important to keep the heritage alive, whilst designing fittings with the latest technology. The lanterns were designed with inspiration from traditional coffee pots and door knockers. Light sources were hidden where possible to keep the traditional feel.

The lanterns have since been put into production for many forts around the area.

Client: Ministry of Tourism Sultanate of Oman

Completion date: 2010