Houses of Parliament (Majlis), Oman


The Majlis Oman is a landmark civic building which is an icon of Oman both nationally and internationally. It is set within the magnificent and dramatic backdrop of the jebels. The 101,000 sq m site features a new building to house upper and lower houses of parliament (Majlis Oman, Majlis A’shura, Majlis A’ddowla), VIP areas, an Information Centre & Library, associated Offices and facilities to support all areas.

The highly engineered local stone work with soft hues has been uplit to create drama, but subtly done so that the details and architectural elements such as shadow gaps are not lost. We do not want to distract from the beauty of the architecture but to enhance it by silhouetting it and having the play of light & shadows.

The 5K of LED fittings to uplight the Majlis were custom made for this project, to create a total uniform wash of light with minimal glare, whilst also being sustainable and to bring out the architectural lines and contours in the highly engineered stone work.

Client: Royal Court of Affairs

Operator: Royal Court of Affairs

Architect: Moller and Royal Court of Affairs

Completion date: 2014