The Royal Automobile Club, London (Façade)

Founded in 1897 with the aim of encouraging the development of motoring in Britain, today the Royal Auto-mobile Club is one of London’s finest private members\’ clubs, combining over 100 years of luxury and tradition with exceptional facilities and outstanding service.

After the new owners upgrade in 2009-10, Visual Energy were invited to address the formidable façade to emphasise its importance in a Road which contains a half mile of prestigious headquarters and Social institutions’ frontages.

The elegance of this timeless architecture was approached with an elegant lighting scheme to complement the grandeur of this project. Visual Energy worked with English Heritage and the Crown Estate to ensure all elements of the lighting design met the standards whilst enhancing with architecture modern lights. The lighting scheme needed to work in harmony with the existing heritage lighting at the ground level.

Client: The Royal Automobile Club

Completion date: 2010